Airfry your veggies

It is no secret that I am mad about salads – the combination of crispy green leaves, a variety of multicolour fresh veggies and creamy cheese with a dressing that is beautifully complimenting it, just appeals to me. During the week I normally stick to fresh veggies that need no cooking. Salads made with roasted veggies e.g., butternut, sweet potatoes, onions, or beetroot was weekend food. No more. With the Instant Pot Vortex Airfryer these veggies are roasted to perfection within half an hour – giving me just enough time to prep the rest of the veggies and the salad dressing.

Roasted beetroot and pickled onion salad

For this salad the unpeeled onions and beetroot are popped as is in the Instant Pot Vortex Airfryer for just about under half an hour; then they are perfectly cooked and ready to peel.

Serves 4
Preparation time: 15 min
Cooking time: 25—30 min

About 7 baby beetroots
About 12 pickled onions
45—60ml (3—4T) olive oil
80ml (⅓c) wood aged balsamic vinegar
Grated zest and juice of 1 lemon
20ml (4t) wholegrain mustard
15ml (1T) sugar
Salt and pepper to taste
1 can (400g) butter beans, drained
Half a head cauliflower, broken into small flowers and blanched
1 wheel feta-cheese
1 Cos lettuce

1 ROASTED VEGETABLES Arrange the beetroots and pickled onions in the drawer of the Instant Pot Vortex Airfryer and airfry for 25—30 minutes till soft. Leave to cool until easy to handle, then peel.
2 VINAIGRETTE Mix all the ingredients, add some water if needed.
3 REST OF SALAD Pour half of the salad dressing over the roasted vegetables while still warm. Leave to cool.
4 Pour the rest of the dressing over the butter beans and cauliflower. Refrigerate till needed.
5 Arrange the Cos lettuce leaves in a salad bowl, add the roasted veggies, cauliflower, and butter beans. Pour over the salad dressing as well.
6 Top with crumbled feta cheese and serve.

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